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Shroomshop: Mushroom Cultivation Made Easy 24th October

In the past few decades, mushrooms have become more popular for their therapeutic qualities in the west as a result of an expanding body of scientific research supporting their numerous health benefits.

Come and learn the basics of mushroom cultivation, explore various techniques for growing gourmet and medicinal mushrooms such as Oyster, Shiitake and Lions Mane.

This will be a hands on experience we will cover everything you need to know to get you started.


*FestiChouimpse!* - 25th October

An eclectic international festival that aims to link Brestolia (Brittany-France) to Bristolia. The base of the festival is movement, to encourage local bands to exchange and expand.
It brings together under an ephemeral circus tent a carousel of music, performing acts, art exhibition, photography, workshops, poetry, ideas.


Refugee Fundraisor - Mazi Housing Project - 12th October

A jam packed evening at the jam jar, with 7 bands playing everything from folk to punk to hip hop and Balkan beats.

Music, homecooked food and beautiful people, and come find out more about what Mazi do with 100% of profits go straight to the organisation.

Mazi Housing Project is a refugee housing project which is providing a home for young men forced from their homes and landed in Athens. Young refugee men on their own in Athens are left unsupported by the system, often forced to live on the streets and in turn are exposed to crime, violence, drug abuse and sexual exploitation. Without housing in Greece you cannot access vital services including non-emergency health care, registered employment, financial support, a bank account, public education, or even a public transport card. With Project Mazí we hope to not only support these young men, so they can build a future, but also create a model which can be replicated to reach out to others left behind.